Quick & Clear II Test Control

Heritage House offers positive test control for the Quick & Clear II tests. You may order control here.


Quick & Clear II pregnancy test screening positive control urine is intended to validate the performance of qualitative urinary hCG methods. The control should be treated as any “unknown” specimen while following the specific protocol of the assay being used.

This product is intended to be used by health care professionals as an integral part of good laboratory practice


The Quick & Clear II positive control is manufactured using a human based urine matrix that has been stabilized to insure the product will be viable until the date of expiration. The control is spiked with hCG in a target range from 200-400 mIU/ml of urine matrix. The initial assay of the lyophilized material used for spiking was performed by radioimmunoassay. Subsequent testing of the control material is performed qualitatively to ascertain that positive controls test positive.


Each bottle contains stabilized human-based urine in a convenient liquid form. Positive control urines have been spiked with known quantities of purified Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). Quick and Clear hCG Liquid Control Urine, Positive, 5-ml Vial.