Pro-Life Assurance Stamp

While other pregnancy test supply companies have no problems selling to both PRCs and abortion clinics, Heritage House has chosen to stand apart. Heritage House requires statements from all of our pregnancy test customers that they never will refer, recommend, or in any way promote abortion. In the past, we have turned down business of doctors, clinics, and government organizations simply because we will not play a part in detecting a life so that it can be ended. When you buy your tests from Heritage House, you know that you are a part of that commitment too - the commitment to life.

Your Purchases Save Lives

Heritage House doesn't just say we are pro-life, we put our money where our mouth is. Heritage House supports PRCs both here in our community and a newly founded center in Ethiopia. We support maternity homes, national organizations, local organizations and many in between. With Heritage House, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase dollars are being used to further promote the pro-life cause.