Quick & Clear II Pricing

Pricing of the Quick & Clear II tests is based on the quantity used and if you choose to have automatic shipments.

Automatic Shipments (Enrollment Form):

- Quantity discount based on your YEARLY usage (reduced below)
- Shipments available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
- Shipping per order reduced up to 50%
- Put orders on hold at any time
- Combine with automatic vitamin shipments and save even more!
- Additional items maybe added to your standing test order with no increase in shipping fees

Single Orders:

- Order as many or as few boxes as you need
- Quantity discounts available for your single order
- Use to supplement your automatic shipments if needed

Pricing (25 tests per box)


If you order both tests and prenatal vitamins, the quantities combine and you get the next pricing level on both. For example, if you order 5 boxes of tests a month and 1 bag of vitamins, you will be the 6 box pricing (150) on tests and the 6 bag pricing (180) on vitamins! See the enrollment form for more information.